About ergonomics in work place

Find out more about ergonomics in the work place. At Vivienne Stern and Associates – Ergonomist Cape Town we are recognized for hands-on, highly practical and creative approaches to ergonomics in the work place. We specialise in ergonomic problem solving.  We consult over a broad spectrum of companies; from small operations to large multinational corporations.

We work closely with your in-house expertise and suppliers to provide effective solutions to workplace hazards. Using our extensive experience of ergonomic analyses, we can recommend appropriate ergonomic controls providing options from no-cost or low-cost solutions to complete engineering controls.

Our goal is to help our customers balance two important issues—providing their workers with safe and healthy workplaces, while remaining competitive and profitable in an ever-changing marketplace. To us, ergonomics is a powerful tool that can improve human and business performance.

Our approach to workplace ergonomics focuses on achieving sustainable gains in productivity while reducing the ergonomic risks and ensuring employee health & safety. We apply ergonomic risk assessment methods to assess the need for change and enable ergonomic risk reduction. This has resulted in reductions to the incident rates and lost work days experienced by our customers while providing a significant return on investment.