Case Studies

Case studies in ergonomic solutions in the workplace. Vivienne Stern our  ergonomic consultant has implemented a number of ergonomic solutions in various businesses around Cape Town. Here are a few example case sudies.
Ergonomic solution case study. Removing the <span style="text-decoration: underline;"></span>need for manual lifting of heavy objects by implementing a Yeoman lifter to lift the rolls onto a spindle.

Ergonomic solution in the workplace. Improve employee productivity and reduce health risks. Here the ergonomist recommended the  components are lifted so that the employee does not need to bend forward constantly.Ergonomist, ergonomic consultant case study shows how to fix a situation where an employee had difficult access to a machine, causing them to work in an awkward position. By using adjustable legs the machines height could be adjusted.Manual handling of raw material can cause injuries and result in employees being off work for health reasons. In this case study we see that the ergonomic solution is to use a trolley to transfer raw materials to the weighing area.Ergonomics case study shows that after a consultation the ergonomist recommended that employees use a lifter to lift raw materials onto the platform, eliminating manual hhandling Ergonomics is fundamental for competitiveness, quality and injury prevention in the workplace. We can provide options… from no-cost or low-cost solutions to complete engineering controls.