Why is an ergonomic assessment important?

A comprehensive ergonomic assessment benefits the worker by improving efficiencies and comfort while maximizing safety at a justifiable cost. Increased productivity and reduced employee downtime usually deliver an excellent return on investment.

What are the reasons for conduction an Ergonomic Risk Assessment?

Ergonomic risk assessments can be conducted for anyone of the following reasons or may be requested by your company e.g. workplace design, job profile design, changes to environments, tools, equipment or activities or after an accident or injury to ascertain what went wrong and how this can be prevented in the future

What is the normal lead time to schedule an assessment?

It typically takes no more than one week to schedule an ergonomic assessment.

What are the Benefits of Ergonomics to your company’s safety programme?

Ergonomics should be part of day-to-day safety management for safer, happier and more efficient employees.

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