Below is a list of our various services including:

Ergonomic Program Evaluation & Development Services:

  • Development of a Written Ergonomics Program
  • Establish Program Tracking Metrics
  • Assessing Regulatory Compliance
  • Prioritizing Workplace Hazards and enhancing risk management
  • Enhance case management and return to work programs
  • Developing Program Implementation Strategies
  • Developing Ergonomic Guidelines for Workstation Tooling and Equipment Specifications
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Ergonomics Workplace Services Include:

  • Ergonomics Risk Factor Analysis
  • Job design
  • Solution justification
  • New or existing product integration & tooling development
  • New production line design
  • Facility design & layout
  • Written report with photographs/video and presentation of findings to management
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Ergonomic Risk Assessment/Audit:

  • On-site walkabout, conducting interviews
  • Review of company Incident statistics
  • Task / process observation / interviews and documentation
  • Identification of potential ergonomics risk factors; including Manual material handling and Upper Limb risk assessments
  • Providing recommendations for interventions to reduce/eliminate hazardous ergonomic risk factors
  • Specific interventions, many of which provide no, or low, cost solutions with significant real improvements in working conditions.
  • Prioritize intervention strategies
  • Assist with implementation of recommendations
  • Written report with photographs/video and presentation of findings to management

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 An Ergonomic Job Analysis results in the following:

  • Ergonomic Risk Factor Identification
  • Prioritization of Job Hazards
  • Development of Control Strategies, including Administrative, Work Method and Engineering Solutions
  • Determination of legislative compliance
  • Specification of Workplace Solutions
  • Specification of Proper Working Technique
  • Written report with photographs/video and presentation of findings to management
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Office Ergonomics Services include:

  • One-on-one ergonomic consultations and office workplace adjustments
  • Group workshops on office ergonomics awareness(1 hour sessions)
  • Advanced sessions in office ergonomics
  • Full office ergonomic evaluation and design services
  • Office Ergonomics programme audit and development
  • Expert review and guidance for selection of office furniture and equipment
  • Written report with photographs/video and presentation of findings to management
  • Implementation of an Open-plan office
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Accident Investigation

  • Participate in accident and incident investigations; as experts in the field of manual handling and ergonomic risks
  • Establishing actual root causes and preventing reoccurrence
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Ergonomic Training

Our training sessions are tailored to your specific company requirements; varying in duration from Lunch and Learn sessions (45 – 60 min) up to whole-day sessions. We customize our training sessions according to your specific needs, and type of industry.

  • The Basic level of Introduction to Ergonomics is designed to give a large audience an explanation of ergonomics. This introductory course can be conducted several times during a day, giving general employees the opportunity to learn about ergonomics & how the company’s ergonomic program can positively impact their workplace.
  • Manual Handling Training with hands-on application in the workplace
  • Our Advanced Level Course incorporates information presented in the Basic Course but adds hands-on practical application of course materials. Participants will learn to use the High Risk Survey to recognize risk factors through specific video examples within their own plant or operation.

Typical instruction time is 4 hours.

Who Will Benefit from Training?

  • Team leaders and middle management.
  • Safety representatives who will be responsible for recognizing risk factors
  • Occupational Health Nurse Practitioners
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Procurement Officers
  • IT Technicians
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