Training Courses

Training Courses

We offer various training courses. Our training sessions are tailored to your specific company requirements; varying in duration from Lunch and Learn sessions (45 – 60 min) up to whole-day sessions. We customize our training sessions according to your specific needs, and type of industry.

Basic Course

A basic understanding of Ergonomics is essential to the success of any Ergonomics programme. This is especially true for safety representatives who lead the safety programme.

The Basic level of Introduction to Ergonomics is designed to give a large audience an explanation of ergonomics. This introductory course can be conducted several times during a day, giving general employees the opportunity to learn about ergonomics & how the company’s ergonomic program can positively impact their workplace.

Our Advanced Level Course incorporates information presented in the Basic Course but adds hands-on practical application of course materials.  Participants will learn to use the High Risk Survey to recognize risk factors through specific video examples within their own plant or operation. Typical instruction time is 4 hours.

Who will benefit:

  • Team leaders and middle management.
  • Safety representatives who will be responsible for recognizing risk factors
  • Occupational Health Nurse Practitioners
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Procurement Officers
  • IT Technicians

Simple design Principles

  • Do Not Lower That Which Must Be Lifted
  • Do Not Lift That Which Must Be Lowered
  • Use Gravity – Do Not Oppose It
  • Provide Adequate Space
  • Avoid Postural Extremes
  • Allow Natural, But Changing Postures
  • Avoid Static Loading of Muscles – Support Body – arm rests
  • Preserve Natural Curves of the Spine